Northrop Grumman

Darpa announces advanced digital active electronically scanned array capable of simultaneous operations

Darpa has announced a sensor system developed under the Arrays at Commercial Timescales – Integration and Validation (ACT-IV) program.

Hackers, remote workers spur record PE investment in cybersecurity — PitchBook

Private equity buyouts in cybersecurity are hitting new records as a fast-growing industry responds to a surge in remote working and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks,...

Synopsys awarded DARPA contract for Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected Synopsys as a prime contractor for the Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon (AISS) program, the company said in a statement.

Blue Origin announces a blue-chip team to return humans to the Moon — Ars Technica

On Tuesday, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announced that his company has a plan for NASA to return to the Moon by 2024, writes...

NASA doing feasibility study of commercial human spaceflight in low-Earth orbit

NASA has selected 13 companies to study the future of commercial human spaceflight in low-Earth orbit, including long-range opportunities for the International Space Station.