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T-Mobile USA has appointed Michael Sievert, a 20-year marketing veteran of the tech and telecom sectors, as the company’s new chief marketing officer, effective Nov. 19.

John Legere (President and CEO, T-Mobile USA): This is a critical and incredibly exciting time for T-Mobile as we race forward with our network modernization and LTE launch in 2013, ramp up investments in re-launching our brand, and begin to shake up the U.S. wireless market.

With Mr. Sievert’s appointment, Andrew Sherrard — who has been serving as acting CMO since spring 2012 — will return to his position as senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile’s contract business.

Most recently, Mr. Sievert served as CEO of Seattle-based Discovery Bay Games, and continues to be a significant shareholder and supporter of Discovery Bay Games.

Mr. Sievert has some 20 years of experience with companies such as Clearwire, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, IBM,E*Trade, and Procter & Gamble, among others. He was co-founder and CEO of Switchbox Labs, a startup focused on technologies for Internet TV (and which he successfully sold to Lenovo).  Mr. Sievert has also served on the board of directors at Rogers Wireless, Switch and Data, and a number of venture-backed private companies over the years.