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Sprint has joined forces with Telefónica to create one of the largest mobile advertising alliances in the world.

Through an agreement between Telefónica Digital, the digital innovation arm of Telefónica, and Pinsight Media+, powered by Sprint, the two companies will reach more than 370 million mobile customers across the United States, Europe and Latin America with targeted advertising. The network is expected to include Asia as well, at a later date.

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world with more than 314 million customers across 25 countries. Its global advertising team offers mobile and online advertising services, including permission-based direct messaging, display ads, location-based offers programs and ad-funded consumer services.

Pinsight Media+ allows customers to choose whether they would like to share anonymous information about the way they use their mobile device. Pinsight Media+ then uses this information to provide targeted ads on Sprint-owned and -operated properties, such as Sprint Web on-deck portal for mobile and Sprint Zone.