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Sprint plans to support an LTE acceleration lab in Tel Aviv, Israel, later in 2013. In collaboration with the Israel Mobile & Media Association (IMA), the LTE lab will focus on Israeli startups and developers.

Sprint’s role in the LTE acceleration lab will be to enable startups and developers to access the platforms they need. The company says it will allow the ecosystem to determine the projects and direction of work in the lab, instead of dictating specific research areas.

Eyal Reshef (Founder and CEO, IMA): Sprint was open to taking a totally different approach through the structure of this lab, allowing the mobile ecosystem to innovate on Sprint’s LTE network.

Sprint will benefit from having an early look at the technology that may result from this collaborative effort. Sprint is also leveraging its vendor relationships to enable the ecosystem to trial and test new products. The equipment will be provided by Alcatel-Lucent.

During the past several years, Sprint has been supporting the IMA’s acceleration lab.

[Image courtesy: Sprint]