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Sprint shareholders elected ten directors at the company’s 2012 annual shareholders’ meeting, which was held in Overland Park, Kan. Shareholders voted to elect each of the following nominees for a one-year term: Robert R. Bennett, Gordon M. Bethune, Larry C. Glasscock, James H. Hance, Jr., Daniel R. Hesse, V. Janet Hill, Frank Ianna, Sven-Christer Nilsson, William R. Nuti and Rodney O’Neal.

All directors received at least 88 per cent of the votes cast with Chairman Hance receiving 92 per cent and CEO Hesse receiving more than 90 per cent. Shareholders also ratified the selection of KPMG as Sprint’s independent auditor for 2012 with 99 percent of the votes cast supporting the measure.

In other matters, shareholders approved (by non-binding vote) the compensation of the company’s named executive officers, as described in the company’s proxy statement with 80 percent of the votes cast supporting the measure. Two amendments to the company’s Articles of Incorporation to eliminate supermajority voting provisions also passed, each with 74 percent of outstanding shares voting in favor. Additionally, changes to the material terms of the performance objectives under the 2007 omnibus incentive plan were approved with 94 percent of the votes cast supporting the measure.

None of the shareholder proposals passed.