Sprint review

A sprint review is an event held at the end of a sprint, where the development team demonstrates the work completed during that sprint to stakeholders, such as the product owner, management, and other interested parties.

The purpose of the sprint review is to gather feedback on the completed work, assess its alignment with the project’s goals, and adjust the product backlog if necessary based on the feedback received.

During the sprint review, the team presents the potentially shippable product increment they have developed during the sprint. Stakeholders can ask questions, provide input, and suggest changes or improvements. This collaborative and transparent approach helps ensure that the product meets the needs of the stakeholders and that the development team is on the right track.

The sprint review also serves as an opportunity for the team to reflect on their progress, discuss any challenges they faced during the sprint, and identify potential improvements for future sprints. The feedback gathered during the sprint review helps the product owner prioritize the product backlog and plan the work for the next sprint.

It is important to note that the sprint review is not a formal sign-off event or a presentation, but rather an informal, collaborative meeting focused on inspecting the product increment and adapting the product backlog based on the feedback received.


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