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Sony is expanding its relationship with Adobe, specifically in the area of professional video editing tools. In addition to its existing XDCAM editing workflow, Sony has developed a plug in for the F65 CineAlta camera to work with Adobe Premiere Pro, and is showcasing high-resolution 4K content production workflows, interoperability with XDCAM Station, and a more efficient workflow through operation of production metadata. Sony and Adobe will offer technology demonstrations of Sony’s XMPilot workflow with the upcoming release of Adobe Prelude  CS6, and XDCAM Station.

Sony will unveil playback software to import the F65’s shot RAW file to the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 through a Sony developed plug in. Sony’s software is scheduled for release in August 2012, and will facilitate editing of high-resolution F65 RAW footage.

Sony and Adobe have collaborated on the XDCAM workflow since 2006.

Upload: 05-02-12