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Smarsh has introduced Web archiving to its platform. The hosted service enables organizations to capture, search, preserve, produce and supervise complete websites, individual Web pages, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, audio and video files and other content on the Web.

The Web archiving service crawls any website and captures each Web page and its contents in their original format, providing the precise record of what was published online at any specific point in time. Archived Web pages are preserved and rendered with their original look and feel. Interactive elements (such as YouTube videos, slideshows, AJAX, Javascript and Flash content) remain functional, and links between pages are maintained, pointing to the destination Web page or document as it existed at the time of capture.

Web content, like other forms of electronic communication, is subject to electronic discovery rules that require organizations to manage and produce electronically stored information (ESI) in a timely and complete manner during litigation.

Smarsh Web Archiving can capture public and password-protected Web pages, and each archived file is time-stamped and stored unaltered in its native form in the secure, geographically-dispersed Smarsh data centers. Archived content can be securely downloaded to a PC, encrypted and saved to a portable media device, or imported directly into third-party legal review platforms.