Sandia Lab Fellow Gil Herrera appointed to the newly established National Quantum Initiative advisory committee


Sandia National Laboratories Fellow Gil Herrera has been appointed to the newly established U.S. National Quantum Initiative advisory committee.

Mr. Herrera is one of two committee members representing the Department of Energy national laboratories, according to a statement from Sandia Lab. His appointment is for three years.

Mr. Herrera has been a Sandia fellow since 2018. He has previously also spearheaded efforts to expand discovery research; serving on an independent review team for a U.S. Department of Defense microelectronics program.

Mr. Herrera has also been director of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences — a joint University of Maryland and U.S. government research institute — and served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as an American Association for the Advancement of Science/Sloan Fellow under President George Bush, where he worked on semiconductor and technology transfer policies.

In August, Sandia and more than a dozen collaborators, collectively called the Quantum Systems Accelerator, were selected as one of five national quantum research centers.

[Image courtesy: Sandia Lab]