U.S. Department of Energy

National Science Foundation launches AI research pilot

The U.S. National Science Foundation, in collaboration with 10 federal agencies and 25 private sector, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations, has launched the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot.

Biden signs first-ever executive order on AI safety and security

President Biden has issued an Executive Order focused on the responsible development and application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Millions of Americans’ personal data exposed in global hack — CNN

Millions of people in Louisiana and Oregon have had their data compromised in the sprawling cyberattackthat has also hit the US federal government, state agencies said late Thursday, writes Sean Lyngaas. 

New exascale supercomputer can do a quintillion calculations a second — Scientific American

The 9,472 different nodes in the supercomputer—each essentially its own not-so-super computer—are also all connected in such a way that they can pass information...

ESnet Launches 46 Terabits next-gen network

The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) has unveiled ESnet6, the newest generation of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) high-performance network.