San Mateo Puts Sensors In Pavements For Parking

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The City of San Mateo in California has unveiled a new Smart Parking system with the help of Streetline and Cisco. Using sensors and a free consumer app called Parker  from Streetline, and the intelligent networking technology platform from Cisco, motorists will be able to view real-time parking availability of 135 on-street parking spaces in downtown San Mateo near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and B Street.

Wim Elfrink (Executive vice president, Industry Solutions, and Chief Globalisation Officer, Cisco): Smart Parking services such as the projects being launched today in San Mateo and San Carlos have the potential to significantly reduce congestion around key downtown areas, and create a completely new experience for city visitors, businesses and residents.

Sensors embedded in the pavement of selected parking spaces detect when a space is available. Cisco’s smart routers communicate with Streetline sensors to aggregate sensor data, and at the same time communicate with Streetline cloud center to deliver the availability of the parking spots. The intelligent network platform captures the data and publishes it into Streetline’s free mobile application, Parker, which displays real-time availability of these on-street spaces as well as locations of off-street parking garages and lots along with other information such as pricing and enforcement hours.

[Image courtesy: Streetline]

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