Samsung’s Latest Fridge Comes With A 21.5-Inch LCD Touchscreen, Cameras

Samsung introduced its first touchscreen fridge in 2014. The refrigerator had a 8-inch touchscreen which was wifi-enabled. The latest models from the company – part of Samsung’s Family Hub fridge line – comes with a 21.5 inch LCD touchscreen. The refrigerator also comes with three cameras, enabling users to view the inside of the fridge through a smartphone app. The cameras take a snapshot each time the doors close. Users can drag-and-drop expiration dates to the images of items, using the touchscreen.

The refrigerator’s command center connects to grocery delivery services like Instacart and Groceries by MasterCard, and can pull up recipes, cooking advice, and how-to videos. It also features a shopping list that can sync with smartphones. and food reminders.  The screen lets users access and store schedules, photos, and artwork, or tap into the Internet for news or weather.

The Family Hub also comes with its own apps like StickiBoard, that lets users share multiple calendars, post photos and write notes directly on the screen, a digital whiteboard, and photo album. The screen on the fridge can mirror Samsung Smart TVs, or play music via apps like Pandora, connecting to external wireless speakers via the Bluetooth.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator comes in two models –  a Black stainless steel counter depth size for $5,999.99,  and the full depth version for $5,799.99.

[Image courtesy: Samsung]

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