Zia Daniell Wigder, principal analyst, and research director with Forrester, talks about the e-commerce ecosystem in Brazil. Read about it here.

Some of the key findings include:

a] Multi-channel functionality is catching up. “While there are few options like in-store pickup or returns currently available on leading retailers’ e-commerce sites, the fact that many of the large traditional retailers are active in eCommerce means that multichannel functionality is poised to be a core area of investment going forward,” says the report.

b] Global eCommerce players are not playing in Brazil. Amazon does not have a presence in Brazil. “As in markets like China, leaders in the space are local companies or regional players like MercadoLivre.”

c] Knowledge about e-commerce best practices is not lacking. “Retailers’ tempered adoption of advanced tools and features tends to be a calculated approach rather than due to a lack of familiarity with the technologies or options available.”