Qualcomm Launches Gimbal Proximity Beacons

qualcomm_gimbalQualcomm has made its Gimbal proximity beacons commercially available. The Gimbal proximity beacons use Bluetooth LE, and complement GPS by allowing devices and applications to derive their proximity to beacons at a micro-level.

The proximity beacons are accurate to one foot says Qualcomm, and work both indoors and outdoors. A user’s mobile app can be enabled to look for the beacon’s transmission. When it’s within physical proximity to the beacon and detects it, the app can notify the customer of location-relevant content, promotions, and offers.

Rocco Fabiano (President, Qualcomm Retail Solutions): With the availability of Gimbal proximity beacons, we are empowering brands to take mobile engagement with their customers to a whole new level through micro-location.

The Gimbal platform features two proximity beacon models, the Series 10 and Series 20 editions. Depending on volume, Series 10 beacons are available for around $5 each, and Series 20 beacons are available for around $10 each.

The overall Gimbal context-aware platform supports both iOS and Android, but the proximity beacons support iOS only for the time being, with planned support for Android. 

[Image courtesy: Qualcomm]


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