Polaroid will be bringing the Socialmatic instant camera to the market in Fall this year. The Socialmatic lets users take instant prints, as well as share pictures using WiFi.

Quick look at the features:

  • The Socialmatic camera actually comes with two cameras, a14 MP front-side camera and a 2 MP rear-side camera. 
  • Can pair with smartphones via Bluetooth. 
  • Users can print images instantly using ink-free printing technology. Users can also add clip art, icons, or text to any image prior to printing or posting. 
  • The camera runs an Android operating system.
  • The Socialmatic will feature a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display and an LED flash.
  • Comes with 4GB of internal storage.

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera will be produced and brought to market as part of an agreement between Polaroid, Socialmatic, and C&A Licensing.

[Image courtesy: Polaroid]