PARC (formerly Xerox PARC) is making its Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) software available for download free of cost. Project CCNx is sponsored by PARC, and based upon the company’s Content-Centric Networking (CCN) architecture.

CNx addresses the problems facing the Internet, including seamless content distribution, mobility, security, and scalability.

“We’re all seeing how sluggish the network can be, and with millions more connected devices expected to access the network, in particular through the upcoming roll out of 5G, it will only get slower,” said Glenn Scott, PARC’s Area Manager for Networking Architectures and CCNx’s principal investigator.

The Internet was originally designed as an end-to-end communications network, but has become a content distribution network for content sharing. CCNx enables people to ask for content by name (rather than arbitrary address), finding it from the nearest location (rather than pipes carrying it), and ensuring greater security (by securing the actual content, not the pipes carrying it).

Update: 05-30-2016