PARC, Intelligent Product Solutions Form Strategic Partnership

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PARC, a Xerox company, and Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) are launching he IPS Entervise  solution for the Motorola Solutions HC1 headset computer.

Entervise, a voice-driven, hands-free remote field service solution, is fully integrated with Motorola’s HC1 headset computer. It brings to professional markets capabilities from augmented reality technologies that were previously only in the imagination of science fiction writers and directors such as captured in the short story and movie Minority Report.

Stephen Hoover (CEO, PARC): This project is incredibly exciting as we bring technologies from augmented reality – previously the stuff of science fiction – to commercial enterprises to solve real business problems and to help keep people safer and healthier. In addition, it truly exemplifies the value that open innovation business models can create.

Entervise provides field technicians with a completely hands-free, voice-driven mobile computing environment, allowing them to keep both hands on task when performing important procedures. The system enables real-time voice and video communication and collaboration between field service technicians and remote experts anywhere in the world.

Using the Entervise web client, a remote expert can see into the technician’s field of view through the HC1’s integrated camera and provide voice and chalk-talk overlays into the scene of the field technician to assist him or her with a procedure or task.

The Entervise mobile client running on the Motorola HC1 headset allows developers to create customizable menus specific to their own business processes, making them available for use by field technicians. In addition to real-time remote expert access, the field technician can also interact hands-free with stored procedures, documents, and service applications using voice or gesture command inputs.

Initial Entervise users will include Areva, a nuclear power plant management services firm, and Matrix Controls, an engineering and systems development company that services the food processing and textile industries.

In addition to field technicians, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), combat medics, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other field personnel can greatly benefit from Entervise. For example, an EMT might encounter something she’s never seen before. With Entervise, she can put on the headset, connect to an ER doctor, and walk through a specific problem while they both experience the same real-time visual representation of the scene. Imagine this with specific surgeries, where multiple experts around the world could provide input while one doctor performs the procedure. Following either a medical procedure or a field service session, the Entervise user can use the Procedure Creator feature to document the event and save it for future reference.

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