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Panasonic’s HD-PLC, a Broadband over Powerline Communication (BPL) technology, has been approved by the NIST SGIP Catalog of Standards of the United States. Broadband over power line (BPL) is a system to transmit two-way data over the existing electrical distribution wiring in a metropolitan area.

Panasonic has opened its verification test environment to the public, and has started the BPL coexistence testing service.

NIST recently established the ‘NIST SGIP Catalog of Standards’. Guidelines for BPL include IEEE 1901, the global standard for BPL, ITU-T G.9972, the global standard for BPL coexistence function, and NIST IR 7862, the guideline of coexistence implementation which requires that the coexistence function be ‘always-on’.

[Image courtesy: Panasonic]