Outbound leads

Outbound leads in sales and marketing refer to potential customers or clients that a company proactively reaches out to in an effort to generate sales or create new business opportunities.

This approach is called “outbound marketing” or “outbound sales,” as it involves initiating contact with potential customers rather than waiting for them to come to the business on their own (which is the case with inbound leads).

How to generate outbound leads?

  • Cold calling: Sales representatives call potential customers who have not previously expressed interest in the company or its products or services.
  • Email marketing: Companies send targeted, unsolicited emails to prospective customers, often with the goal of generating interest in their offerings or driving them to a specific call-to-action.
  • Direct mail: Physical marketing materials, such as brochures or postcards, are sent to potential customers via postal mail.
  • Advertising: Businesses use traditional or digital advertising channels, such as print, radio, TV, online banners, and social media, to reach potential customers.
  • Trade shows and events: Companies participate in industry-specific events, conferences, or trade shows to generate leads by meeting potential customers face-to-face.

Outbound lead generation can be more resource-intensive and intrusive compared to inbound marketing strategies, as it requires a more proactive approach in engaging potential customers. However, it can be an effective way of generating new business, especially when used in combination with inbound marketing techniques.


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