Oracle Unveils Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0

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Oracle has released the Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0.

A key component of Oracle’s Big Data Platform, Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 is an enterprise grade, key-value database with flexible transaction models. It enables customers to manage high velocity transactional data generated by web-based applications, social media, sensors, smart meters and communications services.

Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 adds support for storage and retrieval of large objects such as documents and images, as well as dynamic elasticity and automatic rebalancing for allocating storage and compute resources in response to changing production data processing requirements. It is tightly integrated with both Oracle Database and Hadoop environments, and is built using the Oracle Berkeley DB as the underlying storage engine.


Vaishnavi Sashikanth (Vice president of development, Oracle): Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 provides developers with that ‘last mile’ infrastructure to enable crucial real time interaction between an organization’s applications and its customers. It provides a key mechanism for enterprises to maximize the value of big data.


Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 is available for download from the Oracle Technology Network.

Upload: 12-25-12

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