Oracle Unveils Connected Digital Lifestyle Solutions

By Vikram Sethi

Oracle has released the Connected Digital Lifestyle Solution for communications service providers (CSPs). The company has also announced the availability of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0 – part of Oracle’s Connected Digital Lifecycle solution.

Liam Maxwell (Vice president, Products, Oracle): Communications service providers are in a unique position to generate significant revenue from the burgeoning mobile application market by utilizing their key customer intelligence and network assets, such as location-based services.

Oracle’s Connected Digital Lifestyle solution enables CSPs to create their own digital content stores, with the ability to deliver personalized and/or differentiated content to drive increased network utilization and revenue.  Key features of Oracle’s Connected Digital Lifestyle solution include:

  • End-to-end digital content retailing platform
  • Content lifecycle management system
  • In-application
  • Service exposure and policy enforcement platform
  • Multi-channel advertising capabilities
  • Location and subscriber profile targeting

Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0 is an open, standards-based service exposure and policy enforcement solution that enhances a CSP’s service delivery platform (SDP) to facilitate access to value-added network capabilities in a controlled, secure and automated fashion. The updated release provides several enhancements including:

  • Support for OneAPI
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Integration with the Wholesale Application Community (WAC). WAC is a consortium of global mobile phone network operators and manufacturers.
  • Network API tools.


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