Nvidia Unveils ‘World’s Highest Performance’ Accelerator Tesla K40 GPU


Nvidia unveiled the Tesla K40 GPU accelerator, the world’s highest performance accelerator ever built, according to the company.

Providing double the memory and up to 40 percent higher performance than its predecessor, and 10 times higher performance than today’s fastest CPU, the Tesla K40 GPU is the world’s first and highest-performance accelerator optimized for big data analytics and large-scale scientific workloads, says Cray.

Sumit Gupta (General manager, Tesla Accelerated Computing products, Nvidia): GPU accelerators have gone mainstream in the HPC and supercomputing industries, enabling engineers and researchers to consistently drive innovation and scientific discovery.

Based on the Nvidia Kepler compute architecture, the Tesla K40 GPU accelerator surpasses all other accelerators on two common measures of computational performance: 4.29 teraflops single-precision and 1.43 teraflops double-precision peak floating point performance.

Key features of the Tesla K40 GPU accelerator include:

  • 12GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory
  • 2,880 CUDA parallel processing cores
  • Dynamic Parallelism
  • PCIe Gen-3 interconnect support

The Nvidia Tesla K40 GPU accelerator is available from a variety of server manufacturers, including Appro, ASUS, Bull, Cray, Dell, Eurotech, HP, IBM, Inspur, SGI, Sugon, Supermicro and Tyan, as well as from Nvidia reseller partners.

[Image courtesy: Nvidia]

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