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HP Enterprise Services have got a $122 million agreement with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for HP to continue providing Medicaid and mental health fiscal agent services for up to two years.

Under the extension, HP will continue managing North Carolina’s Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) with business process outsourcing services.

Most recently, HP upgraded the North Carolina MMIS to HIPAA 5010 standard electronic transaction codes and implemented the National Correct Coding Initiative. HP also implemented the National Provider Identifier, a HIPAA administrative simplification standard.

HP processes more than 80 million claims annually for more than 60,000 providers and 1.7 million recipients statewide.

In late 2011, HP assumed management of North Carolina Health Choice, the state’s healthcare program for children, which includes 260,000 recipients and 35 million claims payments per year, totaling approximately $300 million. Through managing this program, HP will assist the state in saving an estimated $25 million in administrative costs over the next two years.

HP is the nation’s largest provider of Medicaid process management services supporting MMIS in 21 states, says the company. HP performs 2.4 billion healthcare transactions annually, including 1 billion healthcare claims.