Nokia Appoints Marko Ahtisaari Design Head Honcho

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Nokia has appointed Marko Ahtisaari as executive vice president, Design, and a member of the Nokia Leadership Team, effective February 1, 2012. He reports directly to President and CEO Stephen Elop.

Mr. Ahtisaari will continue to lead the Nokia design team, responsible for the industrial design and user experience design of all Nokia products. He has led the team since 2009.

Previously, Mr. Ahtisaari was an entrepreneur, as CEO and co-founder of Dopplr, a social network for international travelers, and head of Brand and Design at Blyk, an advertising-funded mobile network. Prior to that, he was director of Design Strategy at Nokia, and held roles in corporate strategy and venturing. Mr. Ahtisaari was also a Fellow of the Faculty and lecturer at the Graduate School of Arts and Science at Columbia University, and a composer and professional musician. He serves on the Board of Directors of Artek and Witness.

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