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Corporations doing business in Nebraska can now file a large variety of documents online with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office through the new Corporate and Business Document eDelivery System.

The new system allows for filing of documents for the many different registered corporation types, including professional and nonprofit corporations.

The new system can be accessed through the secretary of state’s home page at and is also available through the state portal for subscribers.

Other Nebraska secretary of state business division online services:

Annual and Biennial reporting for Corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, and Nonprofits

Corporate searches

UCC and EFS searches and filings

Approximately 5,000 Corporation documents are filed with the Nebraska secretary of state’s business services division per year. A list of all available document types for filing through the new Corporate and Business Document eDelivery System is posted on the secretary of state website, and will be updated as new document types are added.