Next Generation Kinect Coming Next Year

New_KinectMicrosoft is launching the next generation of Kinect for Windows next year. The new Kinect will be sensitive enough to pick up even the wrinkles in your clothes, and includes active infrared capabilities, among other things.

Featues of the new Kinect:

Higher fidelity: The new sensor includes a high-definition (HD) color camera as well as a new noise-isolating multi-microphone array that filters ambient sounds to recognize natural speaking voices even in crowded rooms. Also included is Microsoft’s proprietary Time-of-Flight technology, which measures the time it takes individual photons to rebound off an object or person.

The new sensor recognizes precise motions and details, such as slight wrist rotation, body position, and even the wrinkles in your clothes.

Expanded field of view: The expanded field of view accommodates a multitude of differently sized rooms, minimizing the need to modify existing room configurations.

Improved skeletal tracking: The new sensor tracks more points on the human body than previously, including the tip of the hand and thumb, and tracks six skeletons at once.

New active infrared (IR): The active-IR capabilities allow the new sensor to work in nearly any lighting condition, according to Microsoft.

[Image courtesy: Microsoft]

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