National Geographic Unveils Next Phase Of Genographic Project

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The National Geographic Society has launched the next phase of its Genographic Project — a multiyear global research initiative that uses DNA to map the history of human migration, building on seven years of global data collection.

The new stage of research harnesses genetic technology to further explore and document the historic pathways of human migration. Based in part on a database compiled during the project’s first phase, the next generation of the Genographic Project Participation Kit — Geno 2.0 — examines a collection of nearly 150,000 DNA identifiers that offers ancestry-relevant information from across the entire human genome.

New to this phase, the project invites grant applications from researchers around the world for projects studying the history of the human species using innovative anthropological genetic tools.

The Genographic Project remains nonmedical and nonprofit; all analysis results are placed in the public domain following scientific publication.

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