Multi-Billion Dollar Intel Chip Factory To Remain Vacant In Arizona



Intel will be leaving a new multibillion-dollar computer-chip factory in Chandler, Arizona, vacant. The facilities, known as Fab 42, was completed last year, and billed as the most advanced high-volume semiconductor-manufacturing facility in the world. Intel says the buildings will be used at a future date, the delay being a result of soft demand.

President Obama had touted the factory as a symbol of the future of U.S. manufacturing, two years ago. It was expected to bring 1,000 jobs and a $5.2 billion company investment.

Intel makes its microprocessors in the United States, Ireland, Israel and China. The company has two other units, Fab 12 and Fab 32, operational in Chandler.

The story was first reported by Arizona Central. You can read the report here. 

[Image courtesy: Intel]