Mozilla, Telcos Form Open Web Device Compliance Review Board


Deutsche Telekom, LG, Mozilla, Qualcomm, TCL/Alcatel Onetouch, Telefónica and ZTE have come together to create the Open Web Device Compliance Review Board (CRB).

The CRB is a partnership between operators, device OEMs, silicon vendors, and test solution providers, and will be an independently-operated organization. The goal of the CRB will be to promote the open Web device ecosystem, by encouraging API compliance as well as ensuring competitive performance. The CRB will also be the foundation for Mozilla’s Firefox OS branding requirements.

Why is a compliance review board necessary? To reduce OS fragmentation, and provide a faster time to market, as well as to ensure performance uniformity, and provide global independent API certification, according to the CRB website.

[Image courtesy: Mozilla]


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