Mozilla, National Science Foundation Launching Ignite Open Innovation Challenge

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Mozilla and the National Science Foundation is all set to announce the launch of ‘Mozilla Ignite,’ at the White House on Thursday. Mozilla Ignite is an open innovation challenge that invites designers, developers, people without a technology background, in short, everybody,  to brainstorm and build applications for the faster, smarter Internet of the future. The goal of Ignite is to create apps that take advantage of next-generation networks up to 250 times faster than today, in areas that benefit the public — like education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, public safety and clean energy.

Mark Surman (Executive Director, Mozilla): Mozilla believes in the power of the open Internet and the power of distributed, community-based innovation.

Mozilla Ignite begins with a ‘Brainstorming Round’ where anyone can submit and discuss ideas. The best ideas will receive funding and support. Later rounds will focus specifically on application design and development, with $500,000 available in awards.

Mozilla Ignite is part of the US Ignite Initiative, a national effort to explore what’s possible through ultra-fast broadband networks and “ignite” the development of next-generation applications. It includes start-ups, local and state government, universities, industry leaders, federal agencies, foundations and local communities across the U.S.

Participants in the challenge will gain access to advanced technologies developed through the National Science Foundation’s Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI) program.

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