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Houston, Texas, beat out Silicon Valley’s San Jose as the leading city for energy and technology job growth, says recruiting firm CyberCoders. Houston witnessed a 145 per cent increase in technology jobs from 2010 in last year. San Jose, is howeverv close on the heels, with a 100 per cent increase in technology jobs.

Rounding out CyberCoders’ top ten cities for technology jobs list is Seattle, Washington, and last, but not least, Atlanta, which saw a 15 per cent increase in technology jobs from 2010 to 2011.

Heidi Golledge (CEO and co-founder, CyberCoders): We were very intrigued by the findings, especially the fact that Houston beat San Jose for new technology job growth in 2011.

Houston’s high demand tech jobs include .NET developers, Sharepoint developers, and process engineers, says CyberCoders. In addition to technical jobs, Houston also saw an increase in support positions, including business analysts, administrative assistant positions and financial analysts.

With a 100 per cent increase in technology jobs from 2010 to 2011, San Jose is No. 2 on CyberCoders’ list. Jobs in demand include: Java developers, software engineers, C++ developers, and QA engineers, among others.

The fourth largest city in America, Philadelphia has seen a large increase in technology jobs year-over-year in particular Java developers, software engineers and network engineers.

CyberCoders Ranking City, State Increase %*
1 Houston, TX 149%
2 San Jose, CA 100%
3 Philadelphia, PA 64%
4 Dallas, TX 27%
5 San Francisco, CA 25%
6 Chicago, IL 20%
7 Boston, MA 16%
8 Los Angeles, CA 16%
9 Seattle, WA 16%
10 Atlanta, GA 15%

* Data features all open tech jobs listed in 2010 vs. 2011