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Small business success is essential to overall U.S. economic success. Financial accomplishment in the small business sector requires the ability to control expense, maximize productivity and revenues, as well as keep customers happy. Mobile technology can help accomplish every one of these objectives, according to a white paper published by Frost & Sullivan.

Although small businesses can have a major positive impact on the U.S. economy, they face a unique set of challenges when it comes to adopting new technology. These establishments must deal with a constrained level of funds, the absence of internal IT expertise, and the lack of solutions tailored to meet their individual communication needs.

Savvy mobile technology providers are building solution portfolios to accommodate smaller company needs. Selected mobile products and services such as smartphones, tablets, mobile applications, network connectivity solutions and more personalized service support, are positioned to help business success. Deploying the right mobile solutions can help reduce paperwork, decrease overall labor expenses, and increase end-customer satisfaction.

Jeanine Sterling (Senior industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan): Mobile technology should be viewed by smaller businesses as the solution, not as a struggle. Properly implemented, mobile offerings are saving money, are increasing productivity and revenues, and are making customers happy.

You can find the white paper here.