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Microsoft will take an equity stake in 24/7 Inc. The two companies have announced an agreement to jointly bring the power of natural user interfaces (NUIs) and data analytics at cloud scale (Big Data). The agreement includes Microsoft merging its interactive self-service assets (clients, people and technologies) into 24/7. The agreement also includes an R&D partnership, and long-term IP licensing.

With this agreement, Microsoft and 24/7 are combining technologies that span interactive self-service across mobile, Web and voice channels, big data analytics, and speech and conversational interfaces. The combined Predictive Experience (PX) platform will manage more than 2.5 billion speech and online self-service interactions annually. With this combination, 24/7  will be positioned to generate total revenues of more than $250 million annually, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft will merge its interactive self-service assets (clients, people and technologies) into 24/7’s PX solutions. 24/7 and Microsoft will also forge an R&D partnership moving forward, and 24/7 will utilize Microsoft Tellme speech and natural language technologies. 24/7 will also be integrating its solutions with Windows Phone, Bing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft and 24/7 have also agreed to a shared technology road map and a long-term IP licensing agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for speech-related technologies.

Upload: 02-17-12