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Microsoft is collaborating with accelerators in India to help startups grow their business through the availability of its global program, BizSpark Plus. The Morpheus and Accel are the appointed accelerators in India, and working through them, the program will offer each of their startups up to $60,000 of Windows Azure compute and storage over a 24-month period, at no cost. BizSpark Plus – an extension of the successful BizSpark program – works through select incubators and accelerators to provide added value products and services to high potential startups.

Ludovic Ulrich (WW Program Manager, BizSpark, Microsoft): We have been very encouraged by the success of BizSpark in India, especially the overwhelming support we received from our network partners and the community in general.

BizSpark Plus is a ‘by invitation only’ program, and a startup, in addition to being eligible for the foundational BizSpark program (developing software, less than three years old, privately held and making less than US $1M annually), must be nominated by the BizSpark Plus partner.

[Image Courtesy: Microsoft]

Upload: 03-25-12