Meet The Smoke Detecter From The Future, By Nest Labs


Nest Labs has launched a $129 multi-criteria detector with heat, carbon monoxide, and smoke sensors. Called Nest Protect, the device can be silenced by the wave of a hand, can connect to a wifi network, and can speak Spanish, besides English.

Matt Rogers (Founder and vice president of engineering, Nest): Safety shouldn’t be annoying. These products are required by law and are supposed to keep us safe, yet people hate them.  

The Nest Protect integrates with mobile devices, and can send out messages if the battery is running low. It can also alert users to rising levels of smoke or carbon monoxide, before the levels become dangerous. 

nest-protectThe Nest Protect will be available on November at Amazon, Apple, Best Buy and the Home Depot for $129. It will be available in two versions – wired (120V) and battery-powered, and in two colors: white and black.  A version of Nest Protect that will be compatible with wired security systems is expected to be available in early 2014. Nest Protect will also be available in Canada and the U.K.

Nest, a company founded by Tony Fadell, also known as the ‘father of iPod’, launched a thermostat in 2011, that could help reduce energy consumption.

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[Images courtesy: Nest Labs]


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