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Bloomberg unveiled the latest extension to its cloud-based enterprise information management service, Bloomberg Vault. Called ‘Local Vault,’ the new service leverages Bloomberg’s  global network of data centers in more than 55 countries to provide a cloud-based solution for managing and archiving corporate messages and digital communications.

Harald Collet (Global business manager, Bloomberg Vault):  Bloomberg Local Vault is the first truly global service capable of supporting various regional and national regulations governing data transmission and storage, as well as large-scale analytics.

With Local Vault, data compliance and archiving policies can be configured at the employee level to abide by prevailing regional regulations across all corporate communications and content, including e-mail, mobile communications, social media content, instant messaging, files and documents.

Bloomberg’s Local Vault service includes:

  • A network of globally-linked secure local data centers that allow for in-region or in-country archiving
  • Secure data transfer, data storage, and instant search and analytics tools
  • Global services for user management, data retention management, legal hold application, policy management, fine-grained auditing and reporting
  • Granular policy management to enable centralized access to remote data archives.

[Image Courtesy: Bloomberg]