MariaDB acquires Clustrix

Database maker MariaDB has acquired distributed database technology company Clustrix for an undisclosed amount. The goal? To take on Oracle, of course.

“Today, the choices for a scale-out database option are limited – go with a traditional solution like Oracle with high cost and bloat or choose a NoSQL solution that has limited capabilities for data integrity,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB. “With Clustrix, MariaDB can provide a better solution for our customers that have challenging scale-out enterprise environments. Our distributed solution will satisfy the most extreme requirements of our largest customers and gives them the freedom to break from Oracle’s lock-in.”

Clustrix distributed technology delivers more than 25 trillion transactions per month through its customers, which translates to datasets in the billions of rows, according to a statement from MariaDB.

In another development, MariaDB says ServiceNow Ventures has invested in the company. Pat Casey, SVP of Development and Operations at ServiceNow, is joining the MariaDB board of directors. ServiceNow is a collaborative development partner with MariaDB says the company, and recently worked to deliver a real-time data definition language (DDL). The two companies are continuing to work on several database solutions as well, including a distributed database strategy to address the needs of their largest customers, says MariaDB.

This is MariaDB’s second acquisition this year. In March, the company announced the acquisition of MammothDB.

[Image courtesy: Clustrix]

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