Aaron Batalion, co-founder and CTO of LivingSocial, is leaving the company. Mr. Batalion co-founded LivingSocial in 2007, along with Tim O’Shaughnessy, Eddie Frederick, Val Aleksenko.

In a blog post, Mr. Batalion says, “My decision to depart has in no way been easy. The experience and, most importantly, the friendships… have been the best of my career.”

Aaron Batalion (Co-founder and CTO, LivingSocial):  After much soul searching, I have decided to leave LivingSocial to pursue some new ideas. No new adventure to announce yet, just a urge to go create… that there is more to do.

Mr. Batalion currently holds the position of advisor in startups Well and Contactually, and is a resident mentor at 500 Startups, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

Prior to LivingSocial, Mr. Batalion held the role of architect at Revolution Health, and led development for Blockbuster’s online subscription effort.

Mr. Batalion holds degrees in computer science and Japanese from Lehigh University.