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Livescribe has launched  the Sky WiFi smartpen, a digital pen that integrates WiFi technology and cloud services. Sky digitizes everything consumers write and hear and automatically sends it to their Evernote accounts.

Gilles Bouchard (Chairman and CEO, Livescribe): Thanks to our unique partnership and joint development efforts with Evernote, we have created an amazingly simple and exciting new experience for our customers.

Any content created and captured with the Sky wifi smartpen wirelessly syncs with Evernote as a new searchable and shareable note. Once in Evernote, users can play back their synchronized notes and audio, called pencasts, with the new web-based Livescribe Player, which requires no installation. Users can search pencasts by tags, titles, keywords and even for words within handwritten notes. Pencasts can also be shared and organized.

The Sky wifi smartpen works with both Evernote (free) and Evernote Premium and can be linked to new or existing Evernote accounts. Sky includes an additional 500MB of monthly upload capacity (up to 70 hours of recording time) for content created with the smartpen.

The Sky WiFi smartpen is available at Best Buy, Fry’s, Apple stores and several college campus bookstores, as well as online. The 2GB Sky wifi smartpen records around 200 hours of audio and is $169.95. The 4GB Sky wifi smartpen records around 400 hours of audio and is $199.95.