Lenovo Beats Dell to #2 Slot In Worldwide PC Shipments

Lenovo has now surpassed Dell to claim the number two position – its highest rank ever – in worldwide PC shipments, according to preliminary data released by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Following five quarters as the fastest-growing PC maker among the world’s top vendors, the data reports Lenovo achieving market share of approximately 13.7 per cent and quarterly shipment volume of approximately 12.6 million units. “This is the highest rank Lenovo has achieved in worldwide PC sales and, given the current competitive environment, positions the company as a strong challenger to ultimately become the global market leader” said Lenovo’s CEO Yuanqing Yang .

 Yuanqing Yang (CEO, Lenovo): We will continue to invest in innovative products that will help drive the convergence of technologies and services across all four screens – smart phones, tablets, PCs and smart TV.

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