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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is going to be using IBM’s i2 crime analytics software.

Used by more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies across the U.S., IBM’s i2 crime analytics software is expected to enable LVMPD officers to accelerate their investigations by enabling them to make non-obvious connections based on information that was previously spread across the department.

The addition of IBM’s crime-fighting software will enable LVMPD to organize and analyze vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data currently housed in four disparate databases. Departments that use the solution, COPLINK, can form information sharing agreements across the state and with other states and jurisdictions that also use COPLINK.

Las Vegas joins cities like New York, Memphis, Los Angeles, Tucson and many others by establishing Smarter Cities where safety and services for citizens are improved through new technologies while preserving government budget resources.

The largest police department in Nevada, the LVMPD serves about 1.4 million citizens within Clark County and employs more than 2,200 sworn police officers and more than 650 sworn corrections officers, as well as more than 1,500 civilian employees.

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