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There is an interesting story we came across on Digitimes Systems, according to which Amazon has stepped up its Kindle Fire orders to more than five million units before the end this year. This is the second time Amazon is raising its order volume, says the report. The company had earlier revised its demands to four million units, from the 3.5 million units it had originally asked for.

One million more Kindle devices ready to be ordered could make these tablets not only a formidable foe to Apple’s iPad devices, but could also mean that Kindle sales might overtake iPad sales this holiday season.  One major reason for the high Kindle sales is the price point. People buying tablet devices for the first time may opt to go in for a relatively less expensive version: The Kindle Fire costs $199. The entry level iPad (16 GB, WiFi) retails for $499. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi only costs $349). Streak 7 also hovers around the same price point – $300 for the base Wifi model. Then there are the Nook Tablets, of course, at $249 a pop.