JDK 7u40 Released, Java Will Now Recognize Retina Displays

Oracle has released JDK 7 Update 40 (JDK 7u40). Java will now recognize retina displays and automatically generate higher resolution graphics, says the company. 

With the latest upgrade for Java SE 7, Oracle is continuing its work to merge the Oracle HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Oracle JRockit into the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK), which will include features from each of these implementations.

Oracle Java Mission Control and Oracle Java Flight Recorder are now available as commercial features in the Oracle Java SE Advanced product. They are available for free download for development and evaluation purposes as part of JDK 7u40, but require the Oracle Java SE Advanced license for production use under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement.

Deployment Rule Set is a new security feature in JDK 7u40 that allows a system administrator to control which applets or Java Web Start applications an end user is permitted to execute and which version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is associated with them.  

JDK 7u40 is fully certified for ARM v7 and includes new support for ‘hard-float’, which is designed to improve performance and responsiveness for GUI applications and Java server applications running on ARM servers.

JDK7 is now the default Java version for the latest generation of Oracle Fusion Middleware products.


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