Intel Introduces The Atom C2000 Product Family


Intel has introduced a portfolio of datacenter products and technologies for cloud service providers.

The portfolio includes the second generation 64-bit Intel Atom C2000 product family of system-on-chip (SoC) designs for microservers and cold storage platforms (code named Avoton) and for entry networking platforms (code named Rangeley). These new SoCs are the company’s first products based on the Silvermont micro-architecture, and arrives nine months after the previous generation.

Diane Bryant (Senior vice president, General manager, Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, Intel): As the world becomes more and more mobile, the pressure to support billions of devices and users is changing the very composition of data-centers.   

Intel also introduced the Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon which, when combined with the WindRiver Open Network Software suite, brings Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions to servers. The company also demonstrated the first operational Intel Rack Scale Architecture (RSA)-based rack with Intel Silicon Photonics Technology in combination with the disclosure of a new MXC connector and ClearCurve optical fiber. The optical fiber was developed by Corning with requirements from Intel. 

Manufactured using Intel’s leading 22nm process technology, the new Intel Atom C2000 product family features up to eight cores, a range of 6 to 20Watts TDP, integrated Ethernet and support for up to 64GB of memory, eight times the previous generation.  

Intel is delivering 13 specific models with customized features and accelerators that are optimized for lightweight workloads such as entry dedicated hosting, distributed memory caching, static web serving and content delivery.

The Intel Atom C2000 product family is shipping to customers now with more than 50 designs for microservers, cold storage and networking. The products are expected to be available in the coming months from vendors including Advantech, Dell, Ericsson, HP, NEC, Newisys, Penguin Computing, Portwell, Quanta, Supermicro, WiWynn, ZNYX Networks.

[Image courtesy: Intel]

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