At a select stadium every Tuesday, the mobile production room captures and processes MLB game footage from multiple Intel True VR cameras, which generate up to 1TB of data per hour. Beginning with the 2017 MLB regular season, Intel is livestreaming one “Game of the Week” via the Intel True VR app. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel has inked a three-year partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) for the company’s True VR technology. The chipmaker will be live-streaming one weekly out-of-market game via the True VR app, in addition to featuring post-game highlights and on-demand replays.

True VR camera pods can generate 1TB of data per hour, and uses fiber optic cables and high compute servers to stream VR content in real-time, according to Intel. Users can customize their VR experience by choosing any vantage point. Real-time stats and instant replays are also available.

[Image courtesy: Intel]