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Intel Capital says it has invested in Brazilian fashion social network Fashion.me and online fashion purchase club Coquelux.

Fernando Martins (President, Intel Brazil):  Brazil is currently the third largest PC market in the world and its citizens spend more time connected to the Internet than in any other country.

Fashion.me (São Paulo) is a social e-commerce platform where members can select from more than two million popular labels and designers featured on the Fashion.me website to create customized looks and share them with friends and fashion experts in the Fashion.me social network.

Coquelux (São Paulo) is an online shopping club that caters towards premium and luxury markets, featuring fashion, home decoration, beauty, cooking, technology and entertainment products. Coquelux gives members exclusive access to flash events where they can purchase desired labels with discounts ranging from 30-90% off.

Since officially entering the region in 1999, Intel Capital has invested approximately $140 million in roughly 40 companies across Latin America, with approximately $75 million in 25 Brazilian companies. In 2011, Intel Capital invested in five Brazilian companies (including these two companies) and also expanded its local investment team to four professionals.