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Inmarsat, a provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has begun the process of including its subsidiary companies within a new organisational structure that will align the Inmarsat business more closely to core vertical market segments and continue to support both direct and indirect distribution of its services.

As of 1st January 2012, Inmarsat Solutions, led by Jim Parm, is responsible for Inmarsat’s global direct and indirect sales, marketing and delivery.  Inmarsat Solutions now operates through four new market-facing business units:

  • Inmarsat Maritime: led by Frank Coles, focusing on worldwide commercial maritime opportunities
  • Inmarsat Government US: led by Mike Wheeler, focusing on US government opportunities, both military and civil
  • Inmarsat Government Global: led on an interim basis by Ronald Spithout, focusing on worldwide (non-US) civil and military government opportunities
  • Inmarsat Enterprise: led by Ronald Spithout, focusing on worldwide enterprise, energy, media, carriers, commercial aviation and M2M opportunities.

These new global business units will be supported by a new group, Commercial Services & Support, which will provide cross-business unit services such as customer support, product and service management, channel development, commercial management and marketing communications. The Stratos, Segovia, and Ship Equip operations are now providing their services within the relevant business units, and will use the ‘Inmarsat’ brand name.

Stratos, a global provider of mobile and fixed satellite communications solutions and one of Inmarsat’s two largest distributors, was acquired by Inmarsat in April 2009; Segovia, acquired by Inmarsat in January 2010, provides end-to-end communication solutions; Ship Equip, which provides VSAT maritime communications services was acquired by Inmarsat in April 2011.

[Original Upload: 01-16-2012]