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Infineta Systems, a provider of WAN optimization solutions for Big Traffic workflows, has joined the NetApp Alliance Partner Program. Infineta’s solutions will enable NetApp customers to speed up SnapMirror-based replication and SnapVault-based backup/recovery workflows by up to 85%, significantly reduce WAN bandwidth usage and make use of cost-effective WAN alternatives (e.g. MPLS) for overall OpEx reduction.

Haseeb Budhani (Chief Product Officer, Infineta Systems): With enterprise data volumes growing at a staggering pace, enterprises are hard-pressed to keep up with growing WAN bandwidth requirements to meet their replication and backup needs. Upgrading WAN bandwidth is only a temporary solution to a growing problem, and comes at a high price with diminishing returns.

Infineta’s Data Mobility Switch (DMS) is a WAN optimization system that scales to multi-Gigabit speeds. The deduplication feature available with the NetApp Data ONTAP operating architecture is complemented by the data reduction benefits delivered by the DMS, further reducing the WAN traffic footprint by as much as 85%. Additionally, customers can protect their critical SnapMirror and SnapVault traffic from the adverse impacts of WAN congestion and loss through the special-purpose, highly tuned TCP optimization features available on the DMS, enabling them to not only extend data protection workflows to longer distances, but also make use of shared WANs, e.g. MPLS and IP-VPN.

Upload: 12-14-12