IBM has launched a cloud services framework for securely operating blockchain networks. The company says it has worked with security experts, cryptographers, hardware experts and researchers to create cloud services for trusted blockchain networks that are tamper-resistant. IBM is also working with clients (BNY Mellon is one of them) to accelerate the design and development of a securities lending application, using a blockchain network to trade and transfer assets.

IBM Cloud will allow production blockchain networks to be deployed fast, running signed, certified and tested Docker images. It comes with the highest Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) and Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL) in the industry, says IBM, to support the use of blockchain in government, financial services and healthcare. IBM says the company is also making it easier to use code based on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project in any environment, and offering services on Bluemix.

“Clients tell us that one of the inhibitors of the adoption of blockchain is the concern about security,” said Jerry Cuomo, vice president, Blockchain, IBM, in a statement released by the company.

The new cloud services have been optimized for cloud-based blockchain networks by providing an auditable operating environment with comprehensive log data that supports forensics and compliance, according to IBM. Tamper-resistant storage of crypto keys and protection around cryptographic module detects and responds to unauthorized attempts at physical access. Additionally, the IBM Cloud services enable blockchain peers to run in protected environments to prevent leaks through shared memory or hardware.