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IBM unveiled its first ever Mobile Foundation, a portfolio of software and services. Building on its recent acquisition of Worklight, the new foundation provides clients with a mobile platform that spans application development, integration, security and management.

The IBM Mobile Foundation offers organizations the following core capabilities:

Connect Cloud & Mobile Environments: IBM WebSphere Cast Iron is a crucial element of the new foundation. Clients are able to connect mobile applications to a variety of Cloud and back-end systems.

Build and Connect Mobile Applications: A new set of development and integration tools from IBM Worklight  enable clients to develop mobile applications and their supporting infrastructures for a variety of platforms just once and run them on any mobile platform.

Manage and Secure Mobile Environments: The foundation includes new software from IBM Endpoint Manager to help customers deliver a single solution that effectively manages and secures all endpoints.

Extend Existing Capabilities and Capitalize on New Business Opportunities:  A new set of services, such as the IBM Quick Win Pilot, will assist clients with their mobile strategy and deployment. At the end of the 10 week pilot, clients are able to implement a defined use case with IBM Mobile technology and achieve tangible results.

[Image Courtesy: IBM]